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Start Getting Paid $25 - $35 Per Hour Doing Live Chat Assistant Jobs Today!

There is high demand for paid Live Chat Assistants from

There is high demand for paid Live Chat Assistants from

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Making Money As A Live Chat Assistant Is As Simple As 1,2,3

  • Complete your training

  • Learn how to do the job and be ready to start work in no time at all with our easy to follow training

  • Login and start work

  • As soon as you complete your training you can start work on your first paid job

  • Get Paid

  • Get paid daily or weekly, into your bank account, PayPal account or by check, it's up to you.

    Are you looking for a real online job?

    One where you login, do a few hours work, log out and get paid for the work you just did? It can feel like that is difficult to find, despite the fact that you know so many people do exactly that every day.

    There is a high demand for Live Chat Workers from Bangladesh so you qualify for a discount on your membership fee, which includes:

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    Meet Some Current Live Chat Assistants

    Will YOU be next?

    Richard Sullivan

    "I've done live chat support jobs for some of the biggest companies in the world, from the beach on my phone."

    Lani Thomas

    "All of my friends now do live chat jobs remotely online because it's just so convenient to be able to work the hours I want and that suit my family."

    Get Certified Today!

    Why Is A Live Chat Job The Right Job For You, Right Now?

    The live chat job industry is booming all around the world. Companies can't hire new workers fast enough and because there is so much competition for workers you have the flexibility to work whenever you want and pay rates are higher than ever.


    Types of live chat jobs

    $25 - $35/hr

    Starting pay rates


    Salaries available


    Businesses hiring


    Current workers from !

    Get Certified Today!

    How would your life change?

    What would it feel like to be able to pick up your phone or laptop whenever you needed some extra cash, do 1-2 hours of live chat support work from your couch (or wherever you like) and have $50 - $70 deposited into your bank account right away?

    Would you just work enough hours to pay your day to day expenses?

    Or would you turn this into your full time job and save up for that holiday, car or house that you have been dreaming about?

    Right now is the best time ever to make money as a Live Chat Assistant

    There has never been as much demand for Live Chat workers as there is right now, all around the world. If you get in now you can take advantage of this and secure a high paying job immediately, move up pay levels quicker than ever before and hit the $40/hr and $50/hr jobs within months. Live chat workers making $100k a year used to be unheard of, now it's becoming normal for those with experience because there are more jobs than workers. Take advantage of these businesses now. It's your time.

    Get Certified Today!

    Live Chat Jobs Are The Perfect Beginner Online Job

    No experience required

    Unlike many online businesses and jobs that require qualifications, years of experience or luck, making money with live chat jobs is straight forward, simple and just makes sense.

    Businesses give you answers to the most common questions they get. You talk to their customers on live chat and answer those questions. That makes the business more money and they pay you for that work. Simple.

    Work from the couch?

    Sure, why not?

    One of the beautiful things about a remote online job, like being a Live Chat Assistant, is that you can literally work from anywhere as long as you have access to a phone or laptop and the internet.

    Places you can work from as a Live Chat Assistant:

  • Bed

  • The couch

  • A Cafe

  • The beach

  • Your car

  • A Bar

  • Get Certified Today!

    So How Do You Get Started?

    Before you can begin your first job as a paid Live Chat Assistant, you need to go through our short training program.

    Even though Live Chat Jobs are the perfect entry level online job and anyone can do them, you do still need to learn the ropes.

    Our training program is designed to take anyone from complete beginner with no experience, to ready to start their first high paid online Live Chat job in just a few hours.

    Get Certified Today!

    We Are Currently Offering a Huge Discount On Training For New Members From

    We Are Currently Offering a Huge Discount On Training For New Members From

    We charge a small fee for training and access to the tools on our platform because it enables us to train and support you as a paid Live Chat Assistant, WITHOUT taking any cut from your earnings. You are paid directly for your work and you keep 100% of your earnings.

    There is a high demand for Live Chat Workers from so you qualify for a discount on your membership fee, which includes:

    Get Certified Today!

    Work Remotely Online

    As a Paid Live Chat Assistant, you have the freedom to work from wherever you want. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

    Flexible Working Hours

    You decide how many hours you want to work and when you want to do them. You'll love the freedom

    The Sky Is The Limit

    As a paid Live Chat Assistant, your future is in your hands. There will be no cap on your income.

    Certification and membership is normally






    For you today it is just


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    Become a Paid Live Chat Assistant Today
    And Start Making Money Tomorrow

    Get started with your new career with Social Sale Rep for just $27. Get certified, start work on your first paid job and if you love it you can continue with your membership.







  • Begin your training any time, even if it's 2am

  • We are expanding right now and you can be certified and working within 24 hours

  • One time payment, no recurring fees

  • Get Certified For $27

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I make money doing this?

    Yes! Right now all around the world thousands of businesses are hiring more and more live chat assistants to help with their customer support, social media, sales and marketing. It does not matter where you are from, where you live currently or what experience you have, you can learn the necessary skills for this job and get your first pay check within just a few days.

    What is a live chat assistant?

    Have you ever been onto a website and use their live chat? Or been on a businesses Facebook page and talked to the business via Facebook Messenger chat? If you have, then you have talked to a live chat assistant. More and more consumers prefer to talk to a business via live chat, instead of on the phone or in person, so therefore all these businesses need to hire people to chat to these customers. The people who do these jobs are called Live Chat Assistants. Sometimes the job is helping to answer customer support questions, sometimes it is helping to make a sale by sending the customer a link to what they are looking for.

    How soon can I start?

    You can get started right now! No matter where you are in the world, what day of the week it is or what time of the day (or night) it is, you can join, begin your training and start your first job right now.

    How quickly can I get paid?

    A soon as you complete your first job, you get paid. You can choose to be paid daily or weekly and what payment method you prefer. Whether that is direct bank deposit, PayPal payment, check or one of many other payment options available.